My Family Tree DNA 37 marker DNA results were posted 11 February 2009 and I can now compare my markers with my father’s markers as tested by Genetree and Sorenson Lab. I have to make two assumptions. I assume my father’s yDNA and my yDNA are exactly the same. I also must assume both labs made no errors while performing the test. Making these assumptions, I should be able to normalize the results between the two labs. There are only a few markers in question. 

Sorenson vs. Family Tree DNA DYS389I and DYS389II equals DYS389-1 and DYS389-2 respectively. DYS394/19a equals DYS19 DYS442 subtract 5 from Sorenson GATA H4.1 subtract 10 from Sorenson to make FTDNA’s GATA H4 There is no FTDNA (37 marker test) equivalent for: DYS441, 444, 445, 446, 452, 461, 462, 463, GGAAT1B07, YGATAA10, and YGATAC4. So it looks like Sorenson’s conversion chart is correct and FTDNA’s chart is completely bogus. Here’s Sorenson’s chart: 

From SMGF’s conversion chart for FTDNA: * DYS441 – add 1 if converting from FTDNA to Sorenson, subtract 1 going the other way DYS442 – add 5 * YGATAA10 – add 2 GATA H4.1 – add 10 * These markers not tested in FTDNA’s 37 marker test.