For Those Who Served in the Military

Baggett, John Henry,
US Army Air Corp. Died 18 March 1945 in Europe, World War II.

Bunch, Eli Jr., US Navy. Served as a radioman onboard the USS 307 Tilefish during World War II, Radio Technician 2.

Bunch, Eli,
Quartermaster Third Class, US Navy, World War I
Burton, Charles Edward, US Army. Served in South Korea and Ft. Benning, Georgia.
Case, Gilbert Luther, Confederate States Army. He was mustered in on 9 June 1862 at Monticello by Maj. S. H. Brown for a period of 12 months. He was a Private in Co. B., 2 (Quinn's) (State Troops), Mississippi Infantry. He was discharged for disability on 27 July 1862 with a leg injury which bothered him until his death in 1900.

David, William Jefferson, Corporal, Confederate States Army, 27th Arkansas Infantry, Company F. Enlisted at Locust Grove, Arkansas, May 21, 1862; age 27; captured at Little Rock, Arkansas, September 10, 1863; sent to military prison at Camp Morton, Indiana; died of fever in prison, February 20, 1864; interred in Grave 790, Green Lawn Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Fisher, Carl Nelson, Captain, US Army Reserve, 4th Infantry Division, Field Artillery Unit Commander, killed at Pleiku, Republic of Vietnam, 27 April 1970 when his helicopter crashed.

Griffin, Aaron Lee, US Air Force. Currently serving at Mildenhall Royal Air Force Base, Mildenhall, England. 

Griffin, Dale Wendell, US Army. Served in Okinawa. 
Griffin, Gary Alan, US Air Force, 1946 Communications Squadron, Berlin, 780 Radar Squadron, Fortuna, North Dakota, 263 Combat Communications Squadron (NCANG), Badin, North Carolina, 109 Air Control Squadron (UTANG), Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Griffin, James Donald, Lt. Col, US Army Reserve 
Griffin, John William, PVT CO 11 ING ALA NG WORLD WAR 1

Griffin, Joseph John,
60th Alabama Infantry Regiment, "Hilliard's Legion" Company A, Confederate States Army. Died 15 December 1863 of wounds received during battle.

Griffin, Oliver Wendell, US Army, served during World War II in the 82nd Airborne Division, 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment. Trained in Nottingham, England and jumped into Normandy during the D-Day Invasion. Retired from the Army in 1967. 

Griffin, Ray Arthur, WWII, US Army 29th Division and US Army Air Corps radio operator on B-24 training flights.
Griffin, Raymond or Truman William, Coast Guard SEABEE, WWII, stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii.

 Griffin, Tiffany Tierra, US Army. Served in Germany.

Griffin, Walker Vernon, US Army, World War I

Hearn, John Dwight, US Air Force, served in Spain. 
Hearn, William Hardy, Private, Company E, 25th Louisiana Infantry, Confederate States Army 
Jackson, Richard Henry, Colonel, US Air Force, retired.

  Lt. Durden William Looper, was on board the B24 Liberator Lonesome Lady when it was shot down over Japan. The surviving crewmen were brought into Hiroshima where they were held, together with other captured American airmen, in the local Japanese military police headquarters by chance, less than eight hundred yards from where the Enola Gay's atom bomb was soon to explode. All the prisoners and their guards were killed, or died soon after. 

Martin, Washington Lafayette, 60th Alabama Infantry Regiment, "Hilliard's Legion" Company B, Confederate States Army. Killed at Petersburg, Virginia 7 November 1864.
  James Bunyon Parker, Private, Company D, 53rd Alabama Mounted Infantry, Confederate States Army. He came home ill from his CSA unit and died at home on Sept. 25, 1864. 

Tillman, Alfred, 45th Alabama, Company A. March 27, 1862; Age 33; enlisted March 10, 1862, at Clayton by D.M. Seals; $50.00 bounty paid. Convalescent Hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee, August 31, 1862.